My forth (and originally final day) in Rio was spent in the usual fashion, get up about 6.30-7am, check the waves out front and then tuck into breakfast. I was due to fly up to Salvador to meet Elise, so I was only going to have a quick surf, then pack up and go to the airport.

After breakfast, Kat, Mauro, Chad and I drove along the coast to Grumari, a beautiful beach with some sweet, semi-clean waves. We each caught a few rides and then had to get back to the house so that I could pack for the flight. I was in the process of packing everything up, when one of the guys suggested we call Gol Airlines to see if I could change my flight. 10 mintues later I was all set and had managed to score myself another week in Rio.

The rest of the day was spent surfing, eating and having a few beers.

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