I woke up this morning to a greyish Rio and have this kinda homesick feeling in my stomach today. I have enjoyed my trip here (apart from breaking up with my ex) but now feel it is time to return and achieve some stuff with work, friends and building a new life back home. It is quite weird still being in Brazil knowing that Elise is only 2 hours away up the coast, but we are leading different lives now (I wonder if she still thinks of me at all). Things here do remind me of her, so I am looking forward to getting that feeling out of my system hopefully when I get back with a change of scene etc.

It will be interesting to see if I enjoy London more this summer being single. As last year I was constantly pining after her and wanted to be in the USA. So this time around, hopefully I will get more involved with the London-scene and have a lot of fun and be happy. Fingers crossed for a scorcher of a summer and good times in London with my family and friends!

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