The saviours of my USA tour, these guys have bent over backwards on rescheduling my flights at least 5 times since I have been in the USA. The customer service is always fantastic, and I am always stoked at their politeness when I am on the phone with them (ok I understand that’s their job, but it’s still nice).

So I am now flying back from Boston to DC on Thursday 8th. Then DC to Miami first thing on Friday 9th, to return Saturday 10th in the evening and then off to London early on Sunday 11th, kinda a bit of a hectic few days, but will at least provide one last hit of excitement to my world tour!

Reflecting on the experiences, it has been an amazing trip, the only 2 things that went wrong were me losing my surf mittens yesterday, getting lost of the way to Higgins Beach and also missing a few flights. Apart from that it has been killer!

Can’t wait for the next trip, will have to save up those pennies! The DVD is gonna rock for sure! To the folks at home, I’ll see y’all on Sunday evening!

Big up the D.R.U and ride on to big Chris Cole!

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