So I arrived back home (Essex) last night after a bit of a struggle across London with 2 surfboards, 1 backpack and 1 daysack and had the first night’s sleep in my own bed for 2 months.

I was a little scared about coming home, as I have been on a pretty good vibe since I have been back, keeping busy and being super social in London, seeing my friends and my family etc. Where I live in the Essex countryside, albeit very pretty, is quite isolated, so I was hoping I wouldn’t get too lonely and think about things too much.

Today was a nice sunny day and I sat in the garden and got really stuck into my new book: Surf Rage, by Nat Young, read nearly 80 pages in one day, which I think is a world record for me. So it was nice, I felt pretty relaxed, just enjoyed the sun, the smell of the flowers and the beauty of the garden.

I am going to take it pretty easy this weekend, might go running/cycling tomorrow, fix up the rail on my new surfboard, take a little time to reflect on my amazing time in Brazil, start the edit on the next surf film and get stuck into some of the nice fruit I bought tonight (limes, pineapple, mango, bananas), all good. Got all the ingredients for a nice Caipirinha too, so may get stuck into one of those tomorrow arvo.

I think I am finally finding a little peace of mind about the breakup with Elise, although I still miss her loads and often think about what she is up to, I am happy in the knowledge that we had a very special time together and that in the long run we will stay in contact and be good friends, lets hope the positive feelings and thoughts stay with me.

Next week looks like it might be a bit of a shock to the system. I have scored a few week’s work in town, so it will be back into the commute for me, nice! But I am looking forward to earning some money, and also the fast pace of life that accompanies working in town will help me give myself a good kick up the butt if I have an off day etc.

Fingers crossed my car will be back on the road soon, as I want to get to the coast with the London Boardriders Club and get some surf time in asap.

Anyway time to relax and sleep now I think.

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