Arrived back in the UK 2 days ago after being away for over 4 months. I was greeted by a sunny, hot evening at Heathrow, which certainly makes a change from the normal weather we have.

Unfortunately I managed to pick up a hefty dose of jet-lag on my trip back, characterised by me not wanting to go to sleep until 2-3am in the morning, kinda messed up, hopefully my body clock will re-adjust and get back into the swing of things here!

Strange feeling to be back, am down at my dad’s in Richmond at the moment, seeing the family and doing a few meeting etc in town ths week, before I head home at the end of the week. Went for a nice run last night (it was still light at 9.45pm) over Twickenham and Richmond bridges and up to Pools On The Park and back again, greeted by a beautiful sunset over the bridge towards Isleworth, wish I had had my camera to snap it at the time!

Today is another hot and sunny day and just digging the fact that we got a hint of summery weather for a change. Off on to the tube later, haven’t ridden that piece of sh*t for 4 months, and I know I haven’t missed a single second of London commuting, I wonder if the prices are even higher now, which is great, cos I love the poor service and hot, dirty conditions aboard the sardine can-style trains! Wicked!

Anyway time to get on the edit and get this DVD moving ahead!

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