Well what a 12 days that was. The Bali experience was one that I will definetly remember for a while. From haning out with the Sunny Coast surf boys, to eating at the Indonational to getting on the drinks with crazy “Murdoch” from the Losari hotel, it was all good!

I spent my birthday surfing over at Mushroom rights. What a day that was, our first day of proper sunshine, crystal clear blue water and glassy waves, it was a scene out of a brochure. Got some nice rides and just traded the stoke with the Sunny crew boys! The evening was spent with the Sunny crew, Murdoch the madman, and the Austrian crew, all funny and am sure all the locals think we have lost the plot completely.

Am now back in Hong Kong until tomorrow and just chilling and trying to absorb all the things that I have done over the past few weeks. For the first time in ages I am loving every second of every day, maybe it is the lack of sleep, maybe it is the remainder of the birthday Bingtang (Indo beer), but for sure it is definitely the time of my life.

It is great meeting new people and getting yourself out of the comfort zone of the routine of normal every day life. Today I think I will maybe head up to The Peak here in HK, and maybe do a little more looking around.

To all the people so far who have made my trip what is it, a massive massive thank you!!!

Watch this space, as there is more to come!!!

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