As one does, and then gets an arm twisted in the general direction of alcohol, bad business, esp. when you are too fuc*ed to type out a bloody weblog entry.

Jon, Mark and I went out for a few drinks and a feed with some of his new HK friends etc. Went to a great members club, munched on a 5 course meal, which certainly filled a gap, as I have only eaten a pack of m and m’s today. Had some beef fillet, almost up to the standards of Brule in St. Mags!

Anyway before I end up ranting off on some complete tangent, I’d like to say a huge big respect to Jon, a new and hopefully ongoing friend, good to meet you bru!

One last big up for the evening, to Warren and the rest of the Oz crew, down at Big Wave Bay this arvo, thanks for the chat, all good, and see you when we ride a little Ulu; in Bali!

1 day till Bali man, Sulli is gonna get munched! Haha, reef child!!!

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