Brazil in review

I got back to London this morning after spending the past 7 weeks in Brazil. I had an amazing time visiting Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia. I learned a lot about the country, the culture and got some great surfing in at the same time. I am hoping to put up some photos on my flickr account and make a DVD about the trip as well.

It feels a little funny to be back, I am spaced out from the flight and lack of sleep and feel a little confused as a result of flying across the Atlantic. Things are also still pretty raw after breaking up with Elise last weekend, I find when I am on my own or have a moment to stop and think I still miss her lots. But I am determined to throw myself back into London life and set myself some new goals and objectives for the next 6 months. Already thinking of planning the next surf trip, something to look forward to!

4 thoughts on “Brazil in review”

  1. I dont even know you dude but Sully helped me with some relationship sticking points so ill throw in my 2 pence worth.

    A change of scenery is THE perfect way of getting over someone. Do exactly what you’re planning to do. Throw yourself in the social scene, become Mr Party Animal for a while and get a social circle so large you need to turn you’re phone off if you want a decent night’s sleep. It worked for me.

  2. good advice Sam my man…. Ben I’m in London, gimme a call on this number when you get a chance: 020 7354 7326 I want to hear your trip overview!

  3. Sully – I phoned that number and all i got was Mustapha’s Turkish Massage Parlour. I left a message for you though, as they say you’re a regular customer…

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