About a month ago my awesome girlfriend Rose bought me the Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Book for my birthday. Since then I’ve brewed up two Everyday IPAs, a chocolate Maple Porter and a Raspberry Ale.

I’ve only tried a few bottles of the first batch of Everyday IPA, but I can officially report that they tasted pretty good. Not quite as hoppy as I had hoped for, but a good start all the same.

Here are a few shots from the brewing and tasting of the first batch.

Preparing the ingredients for Surftide Everyday IPA

Checking the recipe for Surftide Everyday IPA

The mash

Adding the hops

Getting ready to funnel into the fermenter

Hydrometer reading

All bunged and ready to ferment

2 weeks later, ready to bottle

Syphoning the first bottle

First batch ready for capping

Capping Surftide Everyday IPA

Surftide Everyday IPA bottled

Tasting the first bottle of Surftide Everyday IPA

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