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Caipiroskas and surf photos

Not much to this post, this pic was taken by Elise during our game of cards, I had the sudden urge to get involved with the new board, photo-style. Notice the beverage in the right hand, the lady has become a wizard in the kitchen and makes a mean Caipiroska!

Let the games continue, ok I got to go and make the popcorn!




3 thoughts on “Caipiroskas and surf photos

  1. Oh my god, it’s official, you look about as gay as is possible in that “me and my board & drink” shot, you were trying to recreate the USA shot, but it looks like a screen shot for a Soho Drag Show. From know on I am going to call you Lola.

  2. Did a hamster crawl on to your chest and die?

    I agree with Mark, Lola the hamster slayer

  3. He made me take it

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