Video Shorts

A collection of short videos that capture the essence and spirit of the places I’ve been luckily enough to visit over recent years. Shot mostly with an iPhone 6s, GoPro Hero 4, Canon 550D and a Mavic Pro. Edited on a Mac with FCP.

Skilas Tours Skiing Race Video Cover

Skilas Tours Skiing Race Video

Well, after a lot of tinkering around with output formats and trying to upload to Facebook and YouTube, the Skilas Tours 2010 videos are now where they belong, in full HD, on a quality video upload service. Check out the clip above of one of the races. Enjoy!

Skilas Tour 2010 Video

Skilas Tours 2010: Les Menuires Skiing Video

Fresh out of the edit suite and straight to your web browser, here is a sample scene from the forthcoming Les Menuires 2010 DVD. Check out the video below where Lionski leads the way for some big airs and general piste action!

Skiing in Alpine Essex Video Cover

Skiing in Alpine Essex Video

I took advantage of the snow this afternoon here in alpine Essex and went out on my skis with the GoPro and put together this little video.

Whitsands Bay GoPro Surf Video Cover

Whitsands Bay GoPro Surf Video

This afternoon Mark Parry and I headed down to Whitsands Bay, Cornwall to test out my new GoPro Surf Hero HD waterproof video camera. It was a beautiful day, clear and crisp (albeit a bit cold). The swell was small today so I took out the 9’1 Bilbo longboard and paddled around and got a few …

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