Last weekend Ben C and I took off to the South West of England to (try) and enjoy some wave action down in Devon. We’d booked in at the Chapel Farm in Croyde a few weeks previously and were hoping for some warm spring conditions with some decent, uncrowded waves. What we got instead was freezing temperatures, howling onshore winds and shitty weather.

We made the call to go anyway, regardless of the conditions, as we had paid for the accomodation already, so had nothing to lose. As it turned out, we had a cool time, eat some nice breakfasts, took in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, had a few ales, games of cards and a load of laughs.

We eventually got into the surf on the Saturday, having found a slightly more managable and less messy wave at Saunton Sands. So fully kitted up: winter suits, gloves, boots and surf bonnets we hit the waves. Surprisingly we were quite warm and last 2 hours. BJC said, and I quote, “those are some of the best rides I’ve gotten on the UB”. I was stoked that he was stoked, and moreso as now he has surfed in cold water he is a.) not phased by surfing in the cold and b.) more likely to want to go again now he has got some decent rides.

Here are a couple of shot of team “surf bonnet”.



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