Headed back down to North Beach today for a mini two hour surf session. The swell was a little smaller than yesterday 3-4 feet with a few 5 footers coming through, winds cross/offshore again and water glassy and nice and toasty.

Got about 10 rides in an hour and a half, all good. I was defo in the sweet spot today. The sun was out and I was just in my boardies and factor 40 SPF.

About half way through the session, a small school of dolphins swam past me, not more than 5 metres away, it was amazing, all the other surfers around me just looked as well and you could tell everyone was digging the situation. At first I was like sh*t, as all I saw was their dorsal fins, but they are a different shape to that of sharks, and as soon as I saw their heads pop up it was a sigh of relief.

Am starting to see the same faces in the line-up now, there are some pretty good surfers here too.

Tonight I am taking my cousin Mark and his kids out for dinner and a few beers, should be good fun!

Hope all’s well back home with y’all! Cheers!

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