So today was my last day in Salvador, after a month spent up in Bahia in little my apartment in Morro do Gavazza. I had a great time in Salvador, saw some great sites, ate great food, surfed nearly every day and had the opportunity to spend 30 days with someone I cared about a great deal.

Unfortunately Elise and I broke up the day I left. I was totally gutted to both say goodbye to her, and to finish our relationship. We had discussed the situation quite a few times and due to various circumstances, we decided that right now it just wasn’t going to work. What was even harder was the fact that we both had such an amazing time and had got even closer and still loved each other, then to be forced to say goodbye was really upsetting. I got on the plane feeling really low and just wanting to turn round and run back after her, but I knew I couldn’t.

Over the past year I have learned a lot about myself and about dealing with a long distance relationship, and although at times it was really hard, I am glad that Elise and I were together and will have some really good memories to look back on.

The past few days in Rio have been pretty damn hard to deal with. The first morning I woke up here, I had a low, sick feeling in my stomach and just felt lonely and down. I have been pretty strict with myself and tried to just be positive and look forward. Surfing has really helped and I have been out in the ocean for 7 hours over the past 2 days trying to get stoked and help clear my mind and move on.

Who knows what the future may hold, maybe we’ll give it another try later on down the line, hopefully after a little space we’ll be able to become at least good friends.

I hope I can keep the same positive attitude when I return to the UK, I am sure I will get lonely at times and miss her, but I just need to look forward. At least it will be summer when I get home. For now I am just taking each day as it comes.

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