Another quality (well quality by Salvador standards) surf was had this evening with the Farol da Barra crew. There was another reasonable swell on the high and I caught full-on left and right breaking waves until the end of the wave, skipping back over the shoulder and paddling right back out to the lineup for another dose.

There was a pretty mellow older crew tonight, I got involved in a bit of a chat with one Bahian guy, I understood a couple of words, but mainly just nodded my head in agreement and then paddled back to the peak for another ride. I am getting the hang of the fish now, and it performs nicely in the water, although with a little chop on the face of the bigger set waves, it does bounce around a little.

There was another killer sunset, turning the water an amazing colour with the setting sun (wish I had the camera out there to capture that). Hoping for more waves and a chance of an offshore wind would be nice (it’s been onshore every day since I’ve been here).

Off out now for some drinks!

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