Fistral going off…

So lets put this boring banter about Orwell behind us and get onto the more important subject of surfing, notably how awesome Fistral has been looking. Man I want to be down there, classic, solid autumn swell coming in, offshore, sizable waves and no one about. Will have to get down there before the end of the year and feature a proper winter session. Anyone game?


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9 thoughts on “Fistral going off…”

  1. The dude in this picture looks like he is about to going to get a serious rinsing! Personally I am one of those BMW driving tourist type surfers whos mad for a bit of foam action in the hazy summer days (Joke). But seriously, warm weather for me unless you can supply a super warm wet suit?

  2. Is that big? I’ve seen bigger waves in a child’s paddling pool! Now turn off the Jack Johnson, get out of your BMW, and have a go. Never know, it might break your neck and put us all out of our misery.

  3. GreenMonster, you seem nearly as much of a c*nt as Deep, I ain’t got no BMW, and I’d like to see if you could paddle out in that, when you have shown me some evidence of your round the world surf experience, then I think you can comment on what is big and what is not. Until then, you can fu*k off as well.

  4. Well do you blame me, when people like you say you’d like to see my break my neck trying to get a wave, mmm, you seem like a real nice guy, anyway over this bullshit, my blog, my rules, you ain’t welcome, call it virtual localism, now knob off and pester someone else.

    I see from your IP address, IP: ,, that you work for IBM, mmm, I saw Royd the other day, told me that a certain Rod Walker had been working there for a while, I wonder in fact if Jonny Deep and GreenMonster are in fact Rod or maybe John Newton?

    Step up boys!

  5. Splendid I knew that the BMW comment would stir up some reaction. Constructive comments seem to have have got caught in the swell. Seems to me these people have some strange mental issues that makes them crave attention, whichever way it comes.

    Seriously ask yourself some questions…..

  6. That is a huge swell, me thinks green monster would be way out of his depth… And that’s a beachy. Lets take him to Nusa Dua in Bali with us next time Benny and see if he can survive the first pounding into razor sharp coral. Did I mention the sharks?

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