Dhruva and I left Washington DC yesterday afternoon for our East Coast road trip. So far we have driven down from Maryland, through DC, Virginia and North Carolina, stopping overnight last night at some Econo Lodge (the kind you see in Yankee films) in Summerville, South Carolina.

Today we drove to Folly Beach, just outside of Charleston, SC. There was a surf contest there, but in true contest stype, the waves we knee-high to a hamster so I didn’t even bother to get the boards out of their covers. Unfortunately we also left the sunshine behind in DC as the weather was pretty cloudy and overcast, with some heavy rain in the late arvo.

Anyway we met this cool, 65 year-old surfer at Folly and had a great chat to him about all kinds of stuff. The old dude has been surfing since 1957, so basically has witnesses all the major shifts in US surf culture, very cool indeed!

We then headed into Charleston and had a little look around at the buildings, markets and just got a general feel for the vibe of the place. There are some great wooden buildings around this part of SC, and it all kinda reminds me of something out of Huckleberry Fin, the people also have that classic Forrest Gump accent, which I just think is funny as!

To top off the southern flavour we hit a crab house restaurant and got some shrimp (they call normal prawns shrimp here too). So we had a good feed and all was cool! We are now back on the road heading down to St. Augustine in Northern Florida. We are now at a gas stop just outside Savanah, Georgia. It is kinda swampy and sub-tropical down here, and you can definitely feel a difference in the air between here and DC.

We have a few more hours of driving to do before we hit St. Augustine, then we’ll hit another one of the road-side motels to stop over night. Tomorrow we are hoping to hit the beaches around there and hopefully luck out a bit more with some waves and some sun, fingers crossed!

Right beverage break now, still enjoying the trip, trying not to count the days down before I head back to the UK!

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