After our fantastic stay at the Ammos Hotel in Agii Apostoli, Rose and I spent the remainder of our 5 nights in Crete in the old town of Chania. Before we’d left the Ammos we had a trip into Chania and found the wonderful old town just west of the main harbour. It is composed of tiny, narrow streets, cobbled pavements and wonderful old buildings that just ooze character and history. I subsequently went mad with my camera and took a heap of photos (some of which are below).

As it was approaching the end of the tourist season we had no trouble finding accommodation and saw about 3 or 4 “pensions” that we liked the look of. We were walking back through a particularly charming little street when we were approached by an old Greek lady saying in very broken English that she had a lovely “balcony room, no passport needed, we can pay cash in advance”. I thought this all sounded a little dodgy, but on inspecting the room, it looked great. I still had a few reservations and preferred the idea of staying somewhere that had proper business cards, a reception and where they could actually speak English, but in the end we opted for the room at Casa Latina and got a great deal for 25 euros a night – bargain!

Rose and I took various walks around the harbour, checked out many of the restaurants, where we had authentic Cretan food, music and hospitality (usually in the form of free Raki and desert) and enjoyed the architecture, sunshine and views around the city. It really was an amazing town and I think we both missed it once we left.





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