The past few days in Maine have been fantastic. I have had the opportunity to ski, eat great food, drink some tasty ales and hang out with Elise (who happens to be THE best skier I know). I managed to get a little footage and pics of her steaming down some of the pistes the other day, as soon as I get it edited on the PB, I’ll stick it upon YouTube.
It was amazing (if a little frustrating at times, as I was always the last down the run) to ski with Elise. She is such a natural skier, and I really was in awe of the way she could confidently attack any run on the mountain, be it icy, powder, full of moguls or straight downhill. If I get to be half the skier she is over the next 5 years, I will be stoked. Another crazy thing about skiing in Maine in December is that it is COLD, not just a little chilly, but -24 degrees (celcius).

I’ve got a few more days to enjoy and make the most of, before I head back to London to start work again. Check out the pics taken so far
Finally, to all my friends, family and people I know around the world, Happy New Year and I hope 2007 is a fantastic one for you all!


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