Having a great time in Maine

The past few days in Maine have been fantastic. I have had the opportunity to ski, eat great food, drink some tasty ales and hang out with Elise (who happens to be THE best skier I know). I managed to get a little footage and pics of her steaming down some of the pistes the other day, as soon as I get it edited on the PB, I’ll stick it upon YouTube.
It was amazing (if a little frustrating at times, as I was always the last down the run) to ski with Elise. She is such a natural skier, and I really was in awe of the way she could confidently attack any run on the mountain, be it icy, powder, full of moguls or straight downhill. If I get to be half the skier she is over the next 5 years, I will be stoked. Another crazy thing about skiing in Maine in December is that it is COLD, not just a little chilly, but -24 degrees (celcius).

I’ve got a few more days to enjoy and make the most of, before I head back to London to start work again. Check out the pics taken so far
Finally, to all my friends, family and people I know around the world, Happy New Year and I hope 2007 is a fantastic one for you all!


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  1. Hey buddy – just to wish you & Elise a very happy new year from Les Carroz, everyone misses you (in part because i downloaded Toe in the Snow and we all watched it pissed…) – it really is great that you’re having a good time. We are too, as conditions out here are amazing, i guess it’s just a shame we can’t be together to experience them. Oh well, there’s always next year. Have fun bro, looking forward to seeing you soon. Big love, Pdog, Beej, The Twins, Sulli and everyone else. x

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