After breaking my fin on the 6’3 fish over at Itamambuca, I had real trouble in trying to get a replacement. More frustratingly I was getting used to the board and also the waves. I had taken off on a wave and half way into the drop, the tail of the board flew out to the side. I immediately knew it was the fin that had either snapped or come loose. Either way when I resurfaced, I was left with one fin and as it turned out it had snapped off right at the base due to the pressure of the water from the wave. I was really pissed off out of desperation I hired a 9ft soft top board for 30 minutes, only to break the leash on it and have to swim back to shore to retrieve the board and replace it. After that I called it a day!

We returned to Massaguacu that night and made a plan to visit the local shaper Renato over at Breeder surfboards the following morning. It is funny, most of my mates know that I don’t really spend a load of money on material things. I mean, I have a nice Mac laptop, some cameras, some skis etc, but I don’t have a super flash car or anything. But when it comes to money and surfboards, I go all out.

We went in to the shop looking for some fins and left with a new 7’0 surfboard, leash, wax, board sock, travel bag and fins. Either Renato is a good saleman, or I just can’t say no to a good looking board. Ironically Breeder was the first shop we went into when we arrived in Massaguacu 3 weeks ago, but I didn’t make a purchase as I wanted to check out a few other options.

Renato said the fins on the other board were poor quality, and I have to agree with him as in 6 years of surfing, I have never broken a fin on a wave before, I simply don’t go that fast, haha!

To sweeten the deal, Renato chucked in a nice little wax container, a few bars of wax and gave me a discount on some of the gear I had bought. If that wasn’t enough, his father (parter in the business) then offered to drive us back up the road to the apartment as we had too much stuff to carry on the 20 minute walk back. Two top blokes, 1 great new board and a renewed stoke!

Pics of the new board, Renato and the shaping room coming soon!

Breeder surfboards

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