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Little tour

Today me and the boys hit up the beach again, the surf was pretty lame, but we still went out for a paddle around for a few hours. We then hooked up with Maseu, the local acai maker and went to a little beach cafe that he knew. We all dined in the usual Brazilian style and then had a bit of walk along the beach to let the food go down. Early evening Maseu, me and Chad had a little tour of the favela again and got invited into one of the houses and met a whole load of local surfers. After haning out with the guys for a while went then went to a little samba party next to the surf shop and had a few beers, boogied to the live music and generally had a cool time.

Tomorrow is my last day in Rio, it will be weird saying goodbye to everyone, I feel like I have made some good friends here and really got into the swing of things and had a good experience of what the real Rio is like outside of the city itself. It will be interesting to see what Salvador is like compared to Rio.

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  1. Hello,

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    Thank you for your attention,

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