Hondon Valley Sunset

An aerial photo capturing the beautiful sunset over the Hondon Valley in the Valencia region of Spain. Shot on a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Praia do Massaguaçu andIlhabela Aerial

An aerial capture of the afternoon sunshine shing across the sea over towards Ilhabela. Shot using a Mavic Pro drone from above Mirante Da Orla in Massaguaçu.

Praia do Oeste Aerial

Aerial capture of the secluded Praia do Oeste. You’ll come across this beautiful beach if you walk (or paddle) the ‘trilha das sete praias’ that runs from Lagoinha to Forteleza in Ubatuba.

Praia Grande do Bonete

Aerial capture of the beautiful beach of Grande do Bonete which you can find if you walk the trilha das sete praias in Ubatuba.

Serra Do Mar Panorama

A panoramic view of the Litoral Norte shot and the Serra Do Mar. Shot from high above the small village and surrounding resrvoirs of Natividade da Serra using a Mavic Pro drone.

Rio Capricórnio Aerial

An aerial shot facing north with Rio Capricórnio in the foreground and the beaches of Capricórnio, Massaguaçu and Cocanha in the background.

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