Have just spent the most amazing 4 days up at the Grant family house in Mount Desert Island in Northern Maine, USA. When I arrived the place reminded me very much of Norway and Sweden, the vastness of the views, the trees, the style of architecture, the smell, all very cool!

The first day was spent doing a few chores as I was joining the annual family ‘work weekend’, so I stained the front of the house and painted the benches. Good to get involved in a little manual labour, kinda feel all rewarded at the end of the day with a sense of achievement. We then all cracked open a few tasty beverages in the shape of “Geary’s New Hampshire Ale’, which I only found out was 7% a few days later, would explain my general state of pissedness!

The following day we did a little more work in the morning, and as I was on a painting tip, I painted the back door. In the afternoon we took the kayaks out and cruised across the lake. The water is absolutely freezing, especially when you decide to go for a swim in the bastard. Definitely a good way to wake yourself up, also a good way of getting hypothermia!

That evening we stoked up the bon-fire and all chilled around it with a few beers, me playing guitar and a few games and shit talking etc. All good fun!

Yesterday we cruised on over to Acadia National Park and hiked for a few hours, ending up at a place called Jordan Pond. The views are absolutely stunning here, on one side you can see the lakes and inlets, forests and hills and on the other side, the sea. We stopped at a nice place for “popovers” (like a sweet yorkshire pudding with jam etc) and tea.

The weather was stunning up at MDI, and we were treated to some amazing sunsets, the way the water, air and nature interact up there is just beautiful, and you can see if from the photos I took, as they all look like they have had some photoshop treatment, but they are in fact all natural!

All in all, a wonderful experience and another place to tick off my (ever-lengthening) list of places I have been to! I’d like to just say and massive thank you to the Grant/Boyson family for inviting me to come up and join them at a very special place that will definitely leave me with some fantastic memories!

Another 2 weeks of the dream left, should be home on the 14/15th June now, chance of departure 95%!


For the boys at home, yes all continues to go well and having a cool time and just for the record, am not a hippie (well not just yet), peace!

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