New Year’s skiing at Sugarloaf, USA

It might not be The Alps, or The Rockies, but I am stoked to be skiing again this winter, and outside of Europe, which I havent’ done since 1996. Should be hitting Sugarloaf some time between the 27th Dec – 5th Jan. Gonna give the 1080’s a spin and tear up the piste, pipe and whatever else they have in store. It should be interesting as I will be skiing with Elise, who has about 15 years experience behind her, and skiied for a team etc, so I think she will (hopefully) give me a run for my money. She tells me she loves the powder, so we will see, can’t wait!

With my Xmas break that will make this year’s holiday/working ratio about 50/50, stats that I am into big time!


5 thoughts on “New Year’s skiing at Sugarloaf, USA”

  1. A run for your money 🙂 Last itme I boarded with you in powder you through a paddy and sat in it for 5 minutes cursing! hehe… Man Were gonna get ourselfs out to Canada next year…. I just hope you will be joining us this time 🙂

  2. Yeah, I don’t like the powder, I think I must not have the technique down yet, more of a piste, park, pipe kinda guy.

    Hope to see you before xmas mate!

  3. Beej – it’s ‘threw’ (not through). As in “up” – like you after your Halloween bash… he he. I’m glad your getting back on the 1080’s B-boy – with my Fujative’s running wild, I’d hate to ‘switch’ places with you in the ski stakes. Also, getting some US snow action will be good to report back on. As Beej says, we’re gonna head to Canada (Whistler) for some action next year. Be warned. You have 365 days to come up with an excuse why you can’t make it!

  4. Haha, classic D.O.G!!!

    My mate did a season in Whistler, will have to ask him for some tips. So I am in Cov Grdn as of 11th – Xmas, lets have a beer the 3 of us before we all hit the respective slopes.

    PS: DOG do me a favour and wrap up warm this winter whilst on the slopes, you know it makes sense to keep the little guy from getting (frost) bitten!

  5. As my memory serves me, the “little guy” was indeed ‘wrapped’ – as the Les Carroz ski lift melt hole can testify. Ah – getting pally with the chalet girl. We might have been naked on the slopes, but believe me, getting frost bitten was the last of my worries… As per Cov Gdn beers, that’s good to know. However, since both Beej and myself work in W1, you’ll come to us not the other way round!

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