Today was possibly the best day I have had in the water in terms of number of waves caught. The surf was a little smaller than yesterday, but just as cold, and the shark potential is always there up here in the NorCal shark pit.

Anyway got numerous rides today, maybe even as much as 50 waves in 3 hours. Lefts, rights, along the face, a few turns, holding the rail of the board, stroking the face of the wave as I went along, all good!

I then headed along the Pacific Highway to check out the Aqua Surf Shop. The guys in there are real friendly and gave me a load of free stickers for my board! More good karma, nice!

Anyway gonna lay low tonight and do some editing on the DVD, 3 hours in the water when it is only 13 degrees kinda drains you a little! The best thing now is I am here until Friday, as I have managed to change my flights, all good!

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