Out in the wild in Sao Paulo

This is my first (quick) blog update since I set off to Brazil a week ago. I’ve been in Sao Paulo now for 6 days and it has been an interesting experience. The temperature hasn’t fallen below 32 degrees and I’ve been suffering a bit from the heat. Rose and I have been all over the city and seen some good and bad things.

Tomorrow we are off to Caraguatatuba on the coast where I will be doing some surfing and chilling out by the beach.

I’m only posting just a few pictures here as I am connected to the internet via a bluetooth 3G connection. Check them out, more to come…




Homeless man in Sao Paulo

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  1. hey mate,

    Good to hear from you

    Expand on the good the bad and the ugly, well the ugly is you, so I guess the good and the bad will do! 😉

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