Today was a tripple whammy!

I started off by packing up the car to head off up north to go camping and in search of surf up at 90 Mile Beach. So off I set, iPod charged up, a full car of food and supplies and full of good vibes. I made it up to the beach where the waves were shitty onshore and classic chop! So I decided to head over to the east side of the peninsular to see if it would be offshore and clean. As I did this it started to piss down, nice!

30 minutes later after driving down a gravel dirt track I got to Henderson Bay. On arrival at the beach the water was completely flat, not a sausage, crappolla! I then headed back down the track from which I had driven up previously. On the way back I managed to loose control of the car, swerving it across the road and ending up in a ditch! Nicely done I thought. So now I am in the middle of frigging nowhere, shitty waves, pissing down with rain and the car is stuck in a ditch.

After a few minutes of wheel-spinning and me trying to single-handedly push a saloon car out of a soft verge, I thought, god I am truly fooked! No reception on my phone, and feeling pretty bummed out! I started to dig the crap out of the front wheel arch, finding that I had nicely dented the front wing, also discovering that I had landed on a hornet’s nest, resulting in me getting stung!

5 mintues later, I managed to get the car out of the ditch and decided to call it a day and drive 150km back to the ranch! I stopped in at Taupo bay to see if there were any waves, but no of course not, flat flat flat!

So today has been dry dry dry, a truly arid few days of surf. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn’t roll the car and that I didn’t get hurt!

Anyway Fiji in 4 days, surf looking amazing, temperature around 31, can’t complain!

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