So it would seem that going around the World for 4 or so months, chasing waves and women would increase your popularity with clients when you get back home. I say that, as I have been pretty much inundated with requests to spread the Hungry Browser web dev love since I have been back! Looks like it could be a prosperous summer to fund the next surf trip.

Haven’t had time to do much work on the DVD this week, as it’s been too hectic, but hoping to get it finished and ready to preview to the gang before I head off to Devon in a little under 3 weeks.

Once again, bring on the Devon! I can’t wait to be in the sea again, be it flat, pumping or most likely somewhere in between! It will be the first time I head to the English coast with 3 boards. Am kitted to the max, and that’s all that matters in the long run! Boards, wax, wettie and some gnarly waves and you’re done! Women come and go, but waves man, that is what is it all about, feed the soul, brother!

Sounds funny, but I can’t wait for some winter storms, as I am kitted out with my new Xcel 5mm mits and booties, it’s gonna be toasty when the time comes!

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