The other day we popped around the corner to Praia da Mococa for a little paddle on the SUP only to be greeted by howling onshore winds and a seriously choppy sea. So we decided to take refuge in the Mococa river and go for a little paddle up there instead.

To the untrained Englishman the river reminds me of something out of the Amazon (obviously a lot smaller though) and as you paddle up it you feel as though you are genuinely exploring the jungle. The area is surrounded on one side by the Atlantic ocean and on the other side by what the Brazilian’s call the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic forest). It may not be as extensive as the Amazon, but it definitely feels wild and I bet if I wandered off to far I might find it hard to get back out.

Anyone, on this little journey we only headed up the river for 30 mins and then couldn’t go any further due to a small damn. But is was still a good adventure all the same 🙂







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