So today turned into a big of an accidental SUP marathon. It wasn’t meant to be, I was just gonna go out for a quick paddle then come back to the apartment and chill, but I got a bit carried away.

The conditions were horrible. What little sun we had earlier in the morning had gone and been replaced by strong onshore winds, plenty of threatening cloud (which did eventually poor down with torrential rain) and super choppy sea reminiscent of surfing in the UK on a “summers” day. At least the air (and water) temperature was still in the high twenties.

Today I paddle (kneeling down) over to Praia da Mococa (about 3km). Had a little rest on the beach and then paddle the open water stretch to Ilha do Tamandua, 2km out to sea. There is an amazing view of the mainland from the island, it is a shame I didn’t take my gopro camera (next time eh!). The water is super clear and the sand on the beach is clean and fine. The only thing that spoilt the occasion was the bunch of rich Brazilians on the yachts and jetskis pumping out crap into the water.

The return journey took me back across the open water channel and over to Ilhote da Cocanha, where I stopped off for another rest, before I hit the home straight across a rather choppy sea back to Massaguaçu.

I’m now absolutely knackered. It turned out to be about a 10km round trip, which was a little more than I was planning to do, but hey. I’ve now refuelled on eggs and toast, fresh lime juice and içaí, granola and bananas and can feel a wave of sleepiness coming over me.

Pretty stoked with the effort today, I reckon that 15km marathon paddle isn’t far out of reach!

Stand up paddle boarding ilha do Tamandua

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