Today offered yet another opportunity to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather whilst burning off a few calories. I took my SUP board down to the beach at Massaguaçu and decided I would paddle to a new beach on Ilha do Tamandua.

I felt pretty pleased with myself after clocking up about 8 or 9km over about 2 hours of paddling. There was one other guy out in the bay this morning but apart from that, all I saw en-route were a bunch of jelly fish gliding along and a sea turtle that swooped underneath me whilst I was paddling along.

Tomorrow I am going to try and paddle around the island, which should result in my farthest paddle to date at about 13km. I reckon it will take me about 3 hours and I might need to take some supplies with me so I don’t collapse 🙂

Watch this space!


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