Storm swell at Porto da Barra

So a 3-4m storm swell hit Salvador overnight, the wind was really intense, from what I can make out from the Portuguese website, a cyclone was hanging over SE Brazil sending some serious winds and waves our way.

I didn’t go out today as I was chilling with Elise and munching on various bolos (cakes). But from the looks of the surf and the guys out at Porto da Barra it was intense. I am tempted to go out tomorrow and get some nice cross/offshore rides, but I might have to make it out with the old faithful 6’4, as the waves are too big for the 6’0 fish to handle.

If I don’t make it back, yes Richie, you got the dibs on the mitch, haha!

1 thought on “Storm swell at Porto da Barra”

  1. haha – cheers mate! I see that the Pope is in town. You know how much he enjoys getting outback in the green. You gonna hang ten together? As per adopting Mitch should daddy not make it, i don’t like breaking up a happy family, so what say i bring The General and The Fish into the pound too? Missing ya bro! 😉

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