Always eager to get in the water and for a new excuse to buy a new bit of kit, I was browsing on the internet today and came across some nice tasty SUB: Stand Up Paddle Surfboards. The concept of Stand Up Paddle Surfing isn’t new, the Hawaiians pioneered it years agobut it has come into vogue over the past few years thanks to Larid Hamilton, and more recently in the UK through the big man himself (Laird not me) paddling the Channel to France on one of these beasts. The idea is instead of paddling on your belly, you stand up and use a canoe-style paddle to propel yourself along.


Anyway I am thinking of getting into the sport as it means not only can you go out in flat conditions, which we get here on the East Coast a lot and get an amazing work out but it would be something cool and new to master. Olaus McLeod recently paddled from Lands end to the Scilly Isles and back on his board for charity, now that is something to get inspired about.

This month the UK Stand-Up Paddle Surfing Championships are being held in Watergate Bay on the 29th Sept, a perfect chance to go and check out the up-and-coming sport.

Anyway I am off to check out the shops to see how much one of these suckers will cost!

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