Last (Easter) weekend, me, Richie and James did a 3 day trip down to Newquay and were rewarded with great weather, good waves and the presence of a few pro-surfers in the water (Alan Stokes and Ollie Adams).

We missed the Easter crowds by leaving at midnight on the Thursday, getting to Newquay for 5.30am. There was no traffic on the roads as you would expect, and we were down to the West Country for first light.

We arrived in a misty, semi-dark Newquay for the early morning high tide where we waited in the car for first light and met up with James (who had recently made a new purchase on a surf wagon).

High tide wasn’t up to much, so we went and got some breakfast and relaxed for a few hours, waiting for the tide to drop.

By the time the water had dropped, we were left with a good wave, which was pretty much the order of the whole weekend. We all got some nice rides and then retired to the Indian Summer for an evening of curry and beers.

The next day we awoke to a glorious day, with shoulder to head high surf over at Fistral and waist-high in the bay. Rich, James and I hit it big time, with myself of course over doing it and surfing until sunset and nearly collapsing at dinner that night over at Dirty Dicks Mexican.

The final day was absolute glass, perfect for longboarding and catching some sweet peelers, unfortunaltey due to fatigue and a dodgy ring, Richie was left on the beach, but what he didn’t capture in terms of waves he certainly made up with by catching a few decent waves on camera for us!

Me surfing Fistral on the 8'2

Random surfer at Fistral

Random surfer at Fistral

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