What an action-packed weekend it was. Friday lunchtime was my official ‘joining drinks’ with the Crayon team down at the local Winchester pub. After a few Guinness, the afternoon started to progress quite nicely. I was then put in charge of the cocktails for the 3rd week in a row and chose to make Mojitos for everyone. So things continued along the alcohol-fueled vibe for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

BJC picked me up from the pub and then we headed down to Richmond where we chilled for the evening at my Dad’s. We awoke early Saturday morning and started our journey down to The Gower in South Wales. We headed to Tesco to pick up supplies for the journey and then BJC was treated to driving the entire length of the M4 whilst I was in charge of the iPod and talking general crap etc.

We arrived at Langland Bay about 4 hours later to be greeted by some rather small, well actually flat surf. We felt pretty bummed out having made all the effort to get there. We then cruised round the corner to Caswell Bay, but experienced the same reception.

A further 30 minutes drive and we hit up Rhossili and parked up on top of the cliffs to check out the surf. We had been rewarded, some waves at last. Although not amazing, we could see some nice lines coming in and a fresh offshore breeze helping clean up the small sets.

We checked into the Worms Head Hotel where we dumped, prepared ourselves with a few Guinness and then suited up. The surf was ok, BJ and I both got some pretty sweet rides, and probably stayed out for a few hours. It was a far cry from Rio and the warm water, but at least we made the effort to get out there and have some fun.

In the evening we had a few Bulmers to get things going, played some cards and ate some food, whilst I muttered various smutty remarks about the Eastern Europen barmaids.

Sunday was a bigger day, but the wind was onshore which meant Rhossili was an intense paddle out, 200m of whitewash and about 10-15 waves before you got out back, it was a little too much, and to be fair verging on the dangerous. So we took the party back to Caswell and gave that a go. Again very onshore, but we still had a laugh.

In the afternoon we headed into Mumbles for some classic fish and chips and then made the arduous journey back to London enjoying some heavy traffic on the way.

It was good to get away, to be near the sea again, and even if the waves weren’t amazing, BJC and I had a cool time! Am looking forward to the next trip asap!

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