Today the search has taken The General, The Duke and myself north up the coast to Taupo Bay. We set off about 9.30 this morning and drove up the coast, checking out the amazing scenery on the way! On arrival at Taupo the waves were pretty small, but some peaks were creeping up to the 3ft mark.

I took out the Duke for about 3 hours and got about 25 waves (in the super low-rider stance), nothing particularly to write home about, but it’s all about having fun and getting out there!

Taupo Bay is beautiful, there isn’t that much there, a few houses, a beautiful sandy bay surrounded on both sides by high cliffs. The water was quite warm, I went in with my new shortie wettie on for about an hour, but then got a bit hot, so decided to take it down a level a just surf in board shorts!

In the arvo I headed up to Mangonui for fresh fish and chips overlooking the bay, a nice way to spend an hour or so after a surf. I then drove up a little further to Cooper beach, Cable Bay and finally ending up in Taipo.

Now I am back at the ranch, just polished off a steak sarnie and ready to chill for the night and start a new adventure tomorrow!

New photos are uploaded and ready to check out here!

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