So I’ve been staying in Cardiff By The Sea for 5 nights now and loving every moment of it. The weather has been perfect, sunny with a cool breeze. Waves have been a mixed bag. But what has topped it all off is the kindness and friendliness of everyone I have met.

After leaving the boys in Vegas I have been travelling solo and camping out of the back of my SUV. I don’t have any blankets, pillows, sleeping bag or anything. So I improvised and have been sleeping in the back of the car in my board sock, fully clothed, using my dirty laundry sack as a pillow. Some may call that RAW camping!

Anyway, yesterday I met a bunch of people who I guess thought I was in need of a little TLC as I have had a tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, beers and firewood all given to me, without me even asking for a thing. Just goes to show, there are a lot of cool people out there!

I’m now in San Clemente staying at the San Mateo State Park and am fully kitted out and you could say I am almost glamping! Might even treat myself to a hot shower tomorrow as I haven’t had a proper wash since last Sunday!

Tonight I’m going downtown in San Clemente to see Mike (another Mike) and having a few beers and some pizza with my new OC crew!

Happy times!

Camping 01

Camping 02

Camping 03

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