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The weekend

So I had a great weekend just past. It started off Friday afternoon with the Duke team heading down to GBK for some tasty burgers, fries and milkshakes. We then all headed out after work to Dirty Martini for an assortment of champagne, muitos, beers and finger food.

Saturday was spent recovering and hitting up the gym and pool. I then took the train down to Greenwich and met up with BJC, Celeste, Richie and JC for some very tasty prawn salad, chili con carne and nice desert. Again we got stuck into the vino, bow and Guinness, leaving me, Richie and JC up until 3am talking bollocks and taking odd photos, all good stuff.

Sunday we headed down to Greenwich Market, took in some local attractions and then wandered along the Thames towpath up to the Cutty Sark pub for burger and chips and a few bevies. We topped off the afternoon with a walk over to the Greenwich Observatory and checked out the amazing views over the City of London.

Here are a few pics from the weekend:









3 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. alright mate – great pics, but what about the others? Just been to gym with Howard and had a meal. Chilling at mine reading your blog – exciting huh? ‘Atch says that you’re still looking deeply metrosexual bordering on feminine. He particularly loved your recent exploits and thought you’d have a wonderful time in Brazil. Look out for Fabio and Miguel… 😉 Good seeing you mate. If i don’t see you before you leave, have a safe journey and keep us posted with your adventures. Remember, if the big wave gets you i get custody of Mitch and the General… Peace out brah.

  2. Oo Oo! The first picture of those from Greenwich park you can JUST see my apartment’s roof peeking above the Queen’s Palace. Beautiful little thing, funding my adventures out in the far East…

  3. Thanks for the invite.. Losers!

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