It is only 2 weeks until I take a well-earned break, well when I say well-earned, this is going by my old freelance work timetable, I did have 2 months off to go to Brazil earlier this year, but anyway.

In 2 week’s time, Me, Richie, Luke and Beej will be hitting up the North Shore, haha, no not the REAL North Shore, but the north shore of Devon, England. We will be attending our annual surf trip down to Lee Bay, where magic things happen with cider, killer sunsets, Bill’s BBQs and sloppy, small summer surf sessions. Lets hope the weather pics up soon, as the summer has been shocking of late.

We have a week down there, and then me and Richie will head off to Portugal with Extreme Holidays and surf for a week down in Lagos, which is just along the coast from Sagres and Faro. It will be really cool to practice my Portuguese and see to what extent there are any parallels between Brazil and the motherland.

Back to the gym tomorrow to continue on the twice-a-day preparation for the forthcoming antics.

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