World Surf Tour 2006

Happy New Year to all the good people out there!

It’s 4 weeks today until I head off on my World Surf Tour and to say that I am stoked is the understatement of the century. For those of you who don’t know already, I am taking off on the 30th Jan’ and heading off around the world for my own Endless Summer.

My route will first take me to Cape Town, South Africa where I’ll be staying with Jens. I’m staying there for about a week, will see the sights, buy a new surfboard and check the beaches. My second stop in South Africa will be Durban, where I’m staying with family for 2 weeks.

I then hop over the Indian Ocean to Hong Kong and Bali, where Sulli and I will be getting involved in some serious reef break action!

I’ll then head over to Noosa, Australia for 2 weeks and hopefully get the chance to go down to Melbourne and check out Bells Beach.

It’s then off to Auckland, New Zeland where I’ll make my way down to Opunake and the Surf Highway 45 breaks and stay with more family/friends.

After sampling the best of NZ I’m off to Nagigia Island, Fiji where I will be surfing for a week.

I then head off to Los Angeles, where I am hoping to check out some of the world-famous beachs such as Malibu. It’s then on to San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC and Miami. I’ll then hook up with my mate Dhruva, and we’ll take a road trip up the east coast of the USA.

I will be away for 3.5 months, or 16.5 weeks, depending if your a months or weeks person. So that’s the tour in a nutshell. I’ll be updating the site as I go around the world, as well as shooting a load of movie footage for the forthcoming “Another toe in the surf”. If you want to keep updated on what’s going on, then just bookmark this page and come and visit when you have time.



7 thoughts on “World Surf Tour 2006”

  1. Ah Granty boy! You say the kindest things young padowan!

    You boys have a little envious streak going on do ya?!

    Haha, stay dry!

  2. For sure I’m gonna be checking out those bad boys man!

    Yes shame about Sloppy, I heard he was last seen sucking on some left over anchovy pizza slices, took a turn for the worst and is now stuck up in bed feeling a bit worse for wear!

    Moral of that story, don’t munch the left overs from another man’s pizza!!


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