So it has been a long time coming, but I finally put my money where my mouth is and decided to go to Brazil for a 6 week surf tour that will hopefully rock as much as WST06 did. OK so Brazil doesn’t really merit a World Surf Tour, but I haven’t been to South America before, so for me it is a big adventure into the unknown.

I am flying out from Heathrow to Rio on the 8th April (just 19 days now). I remember last year being kinda nervous about WST06, I wonder if I will get the jitters before I head off this time?!

So the idea behind this trip is to combine a few things that I love: travel, surfing, exploring different cultures and seeing my girlfriend. The last point actually being kinda the persuading factor in choosing Brazil rather than anywhere else. It will be interesting this time round, as I am now officially a “good boy” with a girlfriend, so its no Brasilieras for me, maybe I’ll attach a small sign to my back saying “hands off, property of Elise Boyson”, haha!

My first stop will be to check out the waves in Rio with the guys and gals down at Rio Surf ‘n’ Stay. I can’t wait to get in the sea again and score some decent waves and get back to what gets me stoked. Hopefully they will have a nice tasty swell waiting for me.

I then fly to Salvador de Bahia on the 12th April and will be hanging out for up to a month. My plan is to get in as much surfing as possible, both in and around the town, but also with a few trips up the coast to various spots. I have already started learning some Portuguese and might even do a language school when I am there, we’ll see. Apparently there is loads to see and do in Salvador, as it is the cultural capital of Brazil. It is also gonna be a great chance to hang out and spend a prolonged period of time with Elise (whom I haven’t seen for over 3 months).

I am then going to either head up/down the coast to surf some more at either EasyDrop down in Itacare, or at Bahia Surf Camp up near Busca Vida, gonna keep that one open for now and wait and see what the charts say.

I then fly back to Rio, where I will stay for a weekend at the Ipanema Beach House, see some of the town and sights etc and then head back to, what will hopefully be early summer in London!

So to say I am excited it an understatement. I really don’t know what to expect from Brazil, so I am going to go with no expectations at all, just keep it chilled, go with the flow and hopefully have a wonderful experience in the process. I am going to make another movie and I will be updating my blog out there so everyone can keep up with the latest news etc.

More to come…

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