About Surftide

I originally set up this website in 2006 as a place to blog about my round-the-world surf trip. Over the subsequent years it grew as I added more blog posts from other trips to Peru, Brazil and USA.

During these trips I took many photos and occasional videos of everything from landscape and time lapses to street art and nature. Some of these were posted on my instagram and vimeo accounts, but the vast majority just sat at home on external hard disks where no one (including myself) really saw them.

Bringing memories to life

At some point I felt the desire to bring these memories to life, so I created and printed several books using the online self-publishing service Blurb. Printed photos will always trump digital in my opinion.

At the same time I also thought to myself, I wonder if I could sell some of my work online. So I set up an online store and the latest version of this website was born.

About Me

I grew up far away from the sea in a little landlocked village in rural Essex, England.


As a child, I loved being in or near water, whether that was a swimming pool, stream, lake, river or the sea. I enjoyed many family holidays to the coast and loved splashing around the in the sea.

I first picked up a bodyboard in the mid-1980s and then gave surfing a try in 1993 on a family trip to Looe in Cornwall.


Fast forward to the 2000s and after a numerous trips to Devon and Cornwall, The Canaries, a six month trip around the world and year trips to Brazil, you could say I’ve got a serious case of the surfing bug.

Ben Ellis surfing on a short board at El Cotillo beach, Fuerteventura in 2007

Surf instruction and life guarding

Early in 2009 I qualified as a BSA Level 1 surf instructor and RLSS beach lifeguard.


My photography gear

Below is a list of the photography kit that I currently use (some more recent and some not so much).


Action Camera

Drone Gear


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