Last night I was treated to an evening of Candomblé, an Afro/Brazilian religious practice. We witnessed a ceremony where people dress up in traditional clothing, dance and sing, and offer various sacrifices to the gods. Some people end up getting possessed and kinda get into the zone and have to be taken out of the room to chill out. The performance lasted about 3 hours and personally after a while I found it a little intense. But it was a great experience all the same to see another part of Brazilian culture.

This afternoon I hung by the people, read Da Bull and caught some sun. I then headed down to the Farol to check out the waves and ended up catching quite a few big rides, both front and backhand.

Tomorrow I am due to surf with my buddy Pat up at Stella Maris, will probably be the last time I make it up there before I head back to Rio and then the UK.

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