Back at the Sao Paulo Jardim Botanico

Sao Paulo is an odd place. Unlike London where you can just walk around the centre of town and hop into one of the numerous parks for a picnic, a run or just to relax, doing the same in Sao Paulo requires considerable effort. There aren’t many open spaces (save for Ibirapuera Park etc.) so when you want to go somewhere to get away from the concrete and traffic you need to ironically get in the car, cut through the intense traffic and then enjoy your down time.

Luckily, Rose’s mum doesn’t live to far from the Jardim Botanico, so as the weather was awesome and sunny the other day we headed off to get outside and enjoy some “fresh” Sao Paulo air 🙂

The gardens are beautiful, its cheap to get in (R$5 = £2.50) and there is a great por kilo restaurant as well. Here’s a few snaps from the other day.









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