Been a bit slack on the old weblog update for the past week, the reason: too much surfing and having too much fun!

Am now hanging out with my good mate from Bali, Mikey. We have travelled down the Sunshine Coast from Buderim to the Gold Coast, and have checked out some of the surf spots down here: Burleigh Heads, Kirra, Rainbow Bay, Snapper etc. Will probably head back up to the Sunny tomorrow arvo and hook up with the Wayno for some more party antics!

Been for a quality bush walk this morning and maybe gonna head down to Byron Bay this arvo to check it out down there.

Weather has been pretty great for the past week, but I think cyclone Larry has been pushing down a little more in the way of cloud and wind the past few days!

I managed to get another board from Peter Cochran (of Coololah Surfboards). It is a 6’2″, swallow tail, short board, and yes it goes like shit off a shovel! Turns super sharp, and I am weaving the little devil along the wave like no one’s business! So that makes the family now 3: The Mitch, The General and now The Duke!

So anyway time to head off on another adventure, lets hope the swell picks up a little from the help of those cyclones up north!

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