After 17 days away in the USA I arrived back home today to good old England. It was a beautiful day when I landed, clear blue skies, fresh air with a definite autumnal feel to the air. I noticed that the leaves have changed (not quite Maine, New England, but hey), and look really stunning.

I had a great time in DC with Elise and got to see loads more of the city that I hadn’t seen, got some great photos, ate at some great places, watched a few films (including Borat) and generally had an amazing time. The only bad bit was leaving my girlfriend 3000 miles away on the wrong continent, a minor glitch, we are working on it, TBA and all that.

I feel kinda spaced out, as I left Foggy Bottom 6.30pm yesterday and got home at 3.00pm today, nearly a whole day’s travel, minus the 5 hours time difference. I have been on the DC Metro, the airport bus, a Boeing 747, the Heathrow shuttle bus at the other end, the National Express bus back to Essex and then finally in the car back to Elsenham. Bit of a carbon footprint issue going on there, but oh well, better than taking my own jet and cab everywhere.

Just chilling now and gonna hit the hay pretty soon, then it is back into work mode and planning for my trip to Maine on the 27th Dec, can’t wait.

A big thanks to Elise for all the hospitality, patience and entertainment over the past few weeks, it was an amazing trip!

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