Last week Rose and I went to see Gomez play live at Koko in Camden, London. This time we gave ourselves a little more time to sit down, eat something and chill out before the gig, and make sure we had any drinks we wanted outside of the (rip off) Koko bar.

We headed back to the Blues Kitchen and ordered some food. I had a plate of bbq shrimps (prawns), a massive burger and the biggest oreo cookie milkshake. Its a wonder I managed to walk out the door, let alone go to a gig. Rose tucked into a salad and a giant steak!

With full bellies we headed off to Koko and got ready for Gomez. It’s funny, Gomez are a band I have liked since I was at Uni (a while back now). But I’ve never seen them live. So when the chance to get some tickets came along I was keen to get involved.

Gomez played an awesome set, which brought back many Uni memories and good times from my early twenties. Good times all round! Thanks to Rosie for buying me the tickets for my birthday!


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