This afternoon Mark Parry and I headed down to Whitsands Bay, Cornwall to test out my new GoPro Surf Hero HD waterproof video camera. It was a beautiful day, clear and crisp (albeit a bit cold).

The swell was small today so I took out the 9’1 Bilbo longboard and paddled around and got a few waves. I put together a little footage capture with the GoPro HD camera.

The sun was directly behind me, so it is pretty intense in the video at times, also I think I needed to adjust the tightness of the mount, so the camera didn’t move as much and possibly the angle so I was in the frame more. Also because the air temperature was only about 2 degrees, the casing fogged up a little, but for a first go we were pretty impressed with the quality of the video.

Check out the short video clip below. The footage has been optimised for the web and so isn’t as high quality as the original video.

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