Our 2 night stay in Athens finished by taking the ferry from Piraeus port in Athens to Chania in north west Crete. We took the metro to the port and whilst en-route some guy tried to pick-pocket me. I felt a hand trying to get to my wallet in my pocket whilst boarding the train and turned around immediately and gave the guy some verbal and a stern look. No harm done, but I was fuming. This had never happened to me and I felt like I wanted to get back off the train, find the guy and give him a good beating. Most people know I have a bit of a temper sometimes, and so in hindsight it was lucky for me that nothing happened otherwise I might likely have had spent the night or 2 in a Greek jail for assault or something.

Anyway moving on, everything turned out fine and we got to the port and looked for our ship. We scouted the harbour in the dark and saw a fantastic looking vessel across the way both thinking that it couldn’t be our one. To our surprise it was and we were stoked and very excited to be going on a mini, overnight cruise!

We thankfully booked a 2 berth cabin for the 9 hour journey and were fortunate to be travelling on a brand new ferry which meant nice shinny cabins and super sparkly, fresh interiors. We had fun on our little overnight cruise, spent a little time in the (non-smoking) bar – in Greece they are still aloud to smoke indoors and it is like the non-smoking ban in the UK turned on its head – disgusting. We arrived in Chania early the following morning and took a taxi to our hotel.

The taxi driver was the second (minor) low point of our stay. We agreed a price and then whilst we were waiting he got another 2 random passengers in the cab with us who shared our ride, but not our fare. Rosana told him we wanted a discount, but he told us we could basically like it or wait all day for another cab, complete arse hole. In the end we got a measly 2 euros discount, which he actually forgot about once we got to the hotel and short changed us. In the end Rose stood behind his car so he couldn’t leave without running her over and paying us what he had agreed to in the first place. Anyway after that ordeal the rest of our stay was plain sailing and I don’t have a negative thing to say about Greece (apart from the wine).


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