This morning was my last day in Rio with the surf crew. As usual Chad and I got up about 7ish and headed down to the waterfront to check the surf. The simi boys were out ripping it up and we gave the usual bom dia to Bejamin and the crew. We returned to the house to get our boards and waxed and creamed up and then hit the water. The surf was pretty glassy, but kinda small, resulting in you having to wait a while for a set to come through, but in the end we got a few sweet rides.

I said my goodbyes to the surf crew and headed back to the house to have breakie and pack up my stuff. It was quite sad having to say goodbye to the surf tour guys, I guess when you hang out with people 24/7 you get close to them more quickly than usual. We all swapped contact details and then I got my taxi to Rio airport.

In a few hours I will be in Salvador de Bahia and will be spending a month there and seeing Elise in the first time in over 3 months, I am a little nervous, but at the same time so excited to see what the next 30 days have to offer, if it is half as good as the past 10 days, then I am guaranteed to have a great time. Keep ya ears peeled…

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